Glucophone is a reed percussion contraption on which you can play with your hands and specialized sticks.
The uniqueness of this appliance lies in the low-down that EVERYONE MAY ENGAGE IN ON IT.
Playing on it, you will participation ring vibrations that at one's desire swathe you and one who is about, contents with consistency and joy. It is not without senses that this instrument is called Gleeful Drum (Drum of Felicity) abroad. The attention which has directed to the playing on the glucophone switches from the expected internal dialogues, algorithms, and ratings to the conscious weaving of the melodic pattern. The mind, at the still and all on one occasion, is filled with felicity from originative undertaking and actively forms strange neural connections, and the carcass and consciousness are immersed in a status of abstruse r 'rest under harmonious vibrations, like in tonality and paint to a bell ringing.

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